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It takes time, effort and commitment to find the right beauty, hair products and clothes that will enhance us and make us feel more attractive and confident. Furthermore, we need to exercise regularly in order to look our best, to eat sensibly, to stay toned and healthy. This all takes focus, thought and a great deal of planning and dedication. Try managing your lifestyle like a business – make sensible and well advised decisions.


Learn something new about your surroundings, your partners interests, your friends likes and dislikes, in order to show that you are interested in them, which in turn makes you more interesting. Listen and observe. The more we engage with the world, the more attractive, stimulating and exciting we become and those qualities we then portray, making us more attractive to those around us. Once again this takes effort and organization.


This is about comparisons with other people or circumstances. We spend around 66% of our time comparing ourselves to those who have more or better, and now social media has only added to the problem. Therefore we need to re-frame situations so that we can see the value in what we have. As an example: We will never be younger than today, that is a truth. How we manage it is important for our happiness. If we fear getting old, we can choose to re-frame it and appreciate the many aspects of growing wise and less stressed. Try re-framing something that you are worried about, and see how your self-image improves.


One of the best methods of raising our energy is to practice gratitude – something we can do every day! If we focus on all the attributes and things we do have in our life, it becomes easy to accept, love and appreciate who we are, what we can offer the world and how fortunate we are. There will always be somebody out there with less than us and in a far less desirable situation. You can further increase your energy by choosing words that are kind and positive to yourself – words carry energy and you want them to be affirming.